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NOAA Fisheries

The NOAA Fisheries Integrated Modeling System GitHub Organization

In this organization you can find repositories associated with the NOAA Fisheries Integrated Modeling System (FIMS). For a high-level overview of what FIMS is, please refer to our official announcement

The NOAA Fisheries Integrated Modeling System is a software system designed and architected to support next-generation fisheries stock assessment, ecosystem, and socioeconomic modeling. A team of experts within NOAA Fisheries is designing and developing the system, and we are advised by the FIMS Council which includes academic, industry, and international partners. The roles of internal and external collaborators are outlined in the governance section of our developer guide. We plan to have an operational software system that is released to the public in 2023. In the meantime, users and developers are welcome to submit feedback using Github issues. Please use the issues under collaborative workflow to make suggestions about the developer guide and the issues under the FIMS software repo for software design and development feedback.

If you have questions or comments please contact the FIMS project lead.